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The Recycling industry has been reaching new heights in recent years and the number of organisations that are dedicated to the recycling of waste materials has increased dramatically. There are many different types of materials that are often recycled including plastics, glass, wood and aggregates, all of which may require detector units that ensure metal contaminants are not present within the product streams.

Food Industry

The food industry is one of the largest targeted industries for the Metal Detection range of products. With health and safety regulations requiring food processing companies to eliminate metal contamination from their end products, Metal Detection units can provide your company with the peace of mind that is hard to achieve in such a demanding industry.

Mining and Quarrying Industry

In the Mining and Quarrying industries, large amounts of metal contamination can frequently occur within the processed product. This will have a negative affect not only on the value of the end product but on the expensive pieces of machinery that could be damaged and cost a lot of money to repair. It is because of this problem that the Metal Detection units have no limit to how much money they could save your company. Whether you are looking for a detector unit to simply find the large contaminants that can damage your machinery, or if you require a unit for the detection of much smaller contaminants in order to obtain your cleanest end product, Metal Detection have the right detector to suit your specific application.

Packaging Industry

Many types of packaging are made everyday for various foods and detecting any metal contaminants, which may be within the packaging is very important for consumer safety. Here are the two detectors that have the high sensitivity levels needed for detecting small metallic particles.