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Metal Detection Helping To Improve European Battery Recycling

Europe’s Battery Recycling Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of waste recycling.

Conveyor Metal Detector

With many recyclable materials, the issue of sending waste to landfill is based mainly on its unnecessary use of landfill space. However with batteries, the chemicals which may be contained within the cells can include lead, mercury or cadmium, all of which can leak into the ground causing pollution to the local soil and water.

Not only do batteries pose a significant threat of pollution to landfill sites and the surrounding areas but recycling them can also help to recover valuable metals such as nickel, cobalt and silver.

For many battery processing applications, particularly with automotive battery recycling, large hammer mills are used to help break down and separate the various materials to metals plastics and sulphuric acid which can then be sold to re-processors. Unfortunately, as is often the case with many crushing applications, large tramp metal contaminants can appear within the product stream which can cause significant damage to the hammer mills, costing the plant thousands of pounds in repair costs and downtime.
An efficient and cost-effective way to prevent this from happening is to install an industrial metal detector.

The TN77 ‘Tunnel Type’ Detector from Metal Detection is the ideal solution to the problems of tramp metal in the recycling process. The TN77 will detect ferrous and manganese tramp metals but will overlook the metallic elements present in the batteries, therefore reducing unnecessary stoppages in the system.

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