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More Product Protection From Metal Detection

Metal Detection have recently supplied three QDC tunnel type metal detectors to a large company producing various high quality roof tile products. The company had been experiencing metal contamination issues in the manufacturing process which led them to contact Metal Detection and request a site visit.

A visit was arranged and details taken from three conveyors transporting mixtures of sand, cement , water and pigments to add colour. Samples of the material were supplied for testing as previous experience had shown that some pigments can exhibit extremely high product effect leading to the detector “false tripping”.

QDC Metal Detector MainTesting in our Redditch laboratory proved that the black pigment additive was highly conductive and would therefore require a higher specification MDB8-E control unit which includes automatic phase angle adjustment that can be utilised for difficult materials with “product effect” .  The customer was satisfied that a good level of sensitivity was still achievable for ferrous and non ferrous metals and a formal quotation was sent for three detectors which were subsequently ordered and installed.

A commissioning visit followed by a service engineer shortly afterwards to ensure that the detectors were working correctly in the difficult working environment. Joe Cetti “Business Manager-Metal Detection” confirmed that the success of this particular installation had led to other enquiries from companies in the same group looking for protection from metal contamination.