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High Sensitivity Food Grade Metal Detector


“C” stands for the compact range, which has an all-in-one system search coil, electronics with integrated power supply and is available in the most popular sizes.


“P” is for the pipeline range. Based on a round search coil, this particular model is easily integrated into pipeline applications.

The High Sensitivity Food Grade Metal Detector

We can offer 4 different mechanical food grade metal detector product solutions with the following codes:

high sensitivity detector


“H” stands for “head only” as a separate search coil can be connected to a remote terminal.


“S” is for “small range”. Consisting of an exceptionally slim search coil, this model can be installed into extremely tight spaces.

“E” is the separate electronic unit to be combined with a search coil of the types “P” or “S”. The HDF type is a special dust-tight, washdown-resistant version that will stand up to the worst environmental conditions in the food industry.

High Sensitivity food grade metal detectors from Metal Detection offer complete protection against metal contamination in high risk products such as food and food packaging.

Importance of Food Grade Metal Detectors

During the food processing and packaging process for a company there are a number of contaminates within the industry that could have a big impact on the quality of your product. The biggest contaminate throughout the industry is the abundance of metal used within the food industry. Unwanted fragments of metal from old or broken mechanical equipment can fall onto the production line and compromise a product quality.

The food grade metal detectors available at Metal detection provide an easy solution to this problem.  Our reliable food grade metal detectors can detect even the smallest amounts of stray metal, as well as being efficient and easy to equip to any manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product with no metal contamination.

 Food grade Metal Detector Conveyors and Metal Detection can offer a wide range of transport and rejection systems to suit particular applications and can also offer 2 different versions of electronic control units to meet customers’ specific requirements.

The Discovery with a fixed frequency is the attractively priced solution for inspection of most products.

The Discovery Plus is the multi-frequency system that operates in 3 selectable ranges from 60 kHz to 1MHz. Even in processes exposed to fluctuations in humidity and temperature, metal contaminants are reliably detected.

Food Grade Metal Detector Summary

  • Reliable protection against the smallest of metallic contaminants.
  • Can be installed to inspect products on conveyors or in pipelines.
  • Available with control units that have either a multi-frequency or fixed frequency system.

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